Red Queen Book Review!

Red Queen book review!

Wrap up:

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard tells the story from the main character Mare’s point of view. Mare lives in a society divided into two groups by the colour of blood. People with red blood are commoners, ruled by those who have silver blood with god-like superpowers. For Mare, who is seventeen and is red living in the poverty stricken stilts. She doesn’t believe anything will ever change.

This is until one day while she’s with the people she hates most, she discovers she holds a deadly weapon that could change everything.

The King , who is fearful of Mare’s weapon hides her and forces her to marry his younger son. Trapped in a world she has always hated, Mare decides to take the most of her new position to bring down her enemies, from the inside.

My thoughts:

I found Red Queen to be an all round exciting book! The main character Mare was really sassy and she was really independent which I liked a lot about her! The start was a little slow to get into I will admit. But that plot twist at the end!

I sometimes found that parts got a little boring, but once they were over something really kickass happened and would make up for the little boring scenes.

The Princes, Maven and Cal were really well built characters, they both had strong roles in the book and their loyalty to their parents and their blood really was an interesting storyline.

Overall, I gave the book a four out of five star rating and would totally recommend to anyone that loves action, 2 cute Princes and sassiness!

The Selection book review!

The Selection by Kiera Cass review:

The Selection is told through the protagonist America Singer, who lives in a world where people are sorted into castes One being the royals and eight being those who don’t work and have no money.

America is given the opportunity to be on a tv show, where 35 girls from around the country go into a competition to win the heart of Prince Maxon.

But for America, being selected is a nightmare. It means leaving her secret love for Aspen and her  home for a competition she doesn’t even want to win.

Then as America meets Prince Maxon, she begins to see that the life she has always had set out for herself may not be the future she never imagined.

Once I started this book I knew I wasn’t going to sleep until I had finished it. America was a really realistic character that I related to a lot, like how she really valued her family.Reading through America’s journey was never not interesting.

There were no plot holes or things that bored me, the action was non stop. The storyline flowed really nicely and the plot never had a dull moment. I ended up reading both The Selection and The Elite on the same day oops aha.

Prince Maxon is a so swoon worthy and was really enjoyable to read about as he was a really sweet and loving character. He was never a mean character and I really liked the nature of his character and how he would stand up to what he truly believed was right.

I would give the selection a 5/5 stars as it is in one of the top 5 series I have ever read! Can not wait for The Heir or any other works that Kiera comes out with!