The Rain book review!!

The Rain by Virginia Bergin book review!


The Rain tells the story of a girl named Ruby Morris, who lives in a world where something has contaminated the rain, making it be able to kill you with just one drop on your skin. The story is told through Ruby’s fight to survive. To make things even worse for Ruby, she stuck with someone she wouldn’t even kiss if he was the last boy on earth.


I found the storyline of the rain very unique. However the writing style for me was a little hard to get my head around. I sometimes felt bored and that it had a bit of a slow start, but at the same time the writing was very mysterious and made me wanting to read more of it.

Ruby was a likeable character, sometimes you wanted to tell her off for things she did but when you put yourself in her shoes it may have been a different matter. Sometimes I felt that Ruby didn’t really feel emotion as much as she could of, this resulted in me not really connecting to her as a character as I would have liked to.

Overall The Rain was an enjoyable book, once I wanted to continue on and read the next book (The Storm COMING SOON) I would recommend it to anyone that likes reading survival, interesting plot lines and preferably doesn’t like rain (it may or may not make you have trust issues with rain for a little)

MY RATING: 3.5 stars

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