Nobody’s Goddess book review!

Nobody’s Goddess by Ay McNulty Review

I was kindly sent a copy of Nobody’s Goddess in exchange of an honest review


Nobody’s Goddess is told through the point of view by Noll, who is a seventeen year old girl living in a world where men are masked and magic compels them to love only one woman whom they call their ‘Goddess”, woman are given the choice to reject or accept the only man that will ever love them. However a man will stay masked until their lover returns their love and the mask can then be removed in a special ceremony called The Returning. If a woman never returns a mans love, their mask will never be allowed to be removed. Noll is put into a tricky situation when her best friend Jurij finds the goddess in Noll’s own sister. We travel through Noll’s long journey to breaking this ancient bond. Noll instead discovers why no man has ever found the goddess in her.


Wow, this book took my breath away. The plot was very intriguing and it was unlike anything I had ever really read about before and it really pulls you in. I found myself getting no sleep from this book as just as I was about to put it down, something very interesting was about to come and made me keep on reading.

Noll was a very interesting character to read about, her courage and passion to do things made me connect with her a lot. Noll’s life was also very interesting to read about such as the way her family lives and how she spends her days.

Nobody’s Goddess was a very intriguing and addictive read. It kept me on my toes and had twists and turns around every corner. Just as you think it couldn’t get anymore interesting, suddenly you loose another hour of sleep. Noll was a very interesting and strong lead character and I would recommend this to anyone that loves a little bit of a medieval setting and a very addicting mysterious read.

MY RATING: 4 out of 5 stars

Nobody’s Goddess is out April 21st, pre order now!

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