Turning Pointes by Emma Freedman Book Review!!


April Franklin is 13 years of age and has just started high school. April has also been dancing half her life and while she loves ballet, she’s not sure if classical is right for her, particularly since she doesn’t have the perfect ballet body – and of course all of the mean girls at her ballet school do …

There are, however, many ways to dance, and when April has the opportunity to explore them she leaps at the chance, even though she is very aware that her mother has high hopes for her as a classical dancer.

New school, mean girls, stage mothers, big dreams … sometimes finding your feet can be hard.


This book was definitely aimed for readers around 10-14, however for me at the age of 18 I still found it quite empowering and felt that I really connected with a few of the characters.

The part that I really loved about this book was how the main character loved dance. The main character was so passionate with her hobby of dance and it really made me see ho much time and dedication it takes to be a dancer and what it’s like to truly love something so much that April did dance.

The characters in this book were all very sweet and quirky in their own ways. April was a real stand out for me, even though she is the protagonist she was so easy to read about and sometimes you just felt as though you were April and I think that is always a good sign that a character really relates to you and is well written.

Overall, I found this book very interesting, fast paced and really just an enjoyable read. This book would be good for anyone that has a passion for dance, and also those that don’t. This book also has a lot of character development that would be a very good influence for young teenagers.



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