I’m entering to be the chosen one to be the first to see the third book in The Medoran Chronicles DRAEKORA’s cover!

These books have a very big meaning to me and they are one of my favourite books ever. Akarnae was the first ever book that I received to review which then lead to me becoming the book reviewer that I am today. I’m so thankful for that email that I got from Pantera asking me if I wanted to review Akarnae.

Lynette Noni was also the first author I ever met – ever since I met her back in 2015 just after Akarnae had just come out, Lynette is one of my favourite people and she is very sweet and very approachable. I’m so thankful to have met Lynette again this year which also lead to me being able to do an interview with her and one of my amazing friends Kaysia who also has the same passion for Lynette’s books as I do.

I also love the story because I fell in love with the whole world that Lynette has created and found her writing to be very easy to read and the writing created magical and vivid images that I adore and wish I could visit!

Alex, Jordan and Bear were all fun and quirky characters to read about to and I love them to pieces and could read about their adventures forever. Alex I could really relate to and at times I found myself thinking that I was her and could feel emotions that she would be feeling if she were real.

Thank you so much for Pantera Press for hosting this amazing competition!





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