Hey Guys!

So decided to bring up this topic because I was talking to some friends about it and it really occurred to me that a lot of books either have a strong character plot where the characters are the main plot in the story and then there is obviously the world plots where the the building of the world and the setting of the book is the main plot of the story.

For character plots, I feel as though this is more of a contemporary genre thing because in contemporary the characters life is the centre of the story because there isn’t really a whole new fictional world that needs to be built, it’s mainly just about the characters life and everything that happens in the book really revolves around the characters actions and doings. This is personally one of my favourite types of plots to read about because I really prefer to read about characters and real life occurrences (I do have my weeks where I am crazy for world built plots too don’t worry).

World Built plots I always find have so much build up and are mainly found in the genres of Fantasy, Sci Fi, Dystopian etc, as they aren’t really set in just your standard earth/typical every day setting. I always find these types of books harder to get into when the world is being built up and you are also a little confused about the world sometimes but once the build up is over I always find them to be very very good from then onwards. I also find that sometimes (please note the sometimes) world built plots lack in the character explanation department and it can be hard sometimes to really connect with characters of the books because you know so much about the characters world but then you don’t really get that big understanding of the characters traits and lifestyle.

Overall, I find that a lot of books are either driven by the world building or the characters of the stories and sometimes this leads to us all interpreting the story differently because sometimes when a book has a bit of both some people take note to the world and some just take not to the characters. I also find that as a person that reads a lot of character driven contemporary books, I sometimes go into fantasy and get disappointed by the lack of character plot but then have to remind myself that it isn’t driven by the characters life for a while because I need to understand their world before I can focus on the character themselves and get to know them more.

Anyway! These are just some thoughts I had, let me know down in the comments if this is something you find as well and let me know if you prefer one of the two below!!


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