Hey y’all,

With the release of Tay Swizzle’s new album Reputation, I decided to make a book tag in celebration! 

Track One: …Ready For It – a book that you are sooooo ready to read and need to read it ASAP?
For me this has to be Whisper by Lynette Noni, I’m literally DYING to get my hands on it and read it all up in one sitting, lets just say I’m rather keen to read a new Lynette Noni book.

Track Two: End Game – a book where your ship became endgame?
This for me has to be the good old traditional The Hunger Games, can’t deny that my faves were meant for each other (not gonna say because I don’t wanna spoil but then again honestly who hasn’t read THG – if you haven’t GO! NOW!)

Track Three: I Did Something Bad – a character that did something bad but had no regrets?
Mia from Nevernight has done a whole lot of bad like killing because hashtag assassin life but I can 110% say that she didn’t have any regrets and probably also felt good about it.

Track Four: Don’t Blame Me – a book that a lot of people don’t like but you can’t help but secretly love?
This for me HAS to be Vampire Academy, literally love Dimitri and all the humour and I also love vampires, it may not be the best book series ever but it is honestly so addictive ahh.

Track Five: Delicate – a character that you find to be very delicate?
I found Rue from The Hunger Games to be very delicate, mainly because she was a 12 year old girl in a murder game and her innocence made her so pure and delicate in the sense that she was delicate when put aside to a game of killing.

Track Six: Look What You Made Me Do – an author whose books ALWAYS make you cry or feel deep emotions?
For me this is Jennifer Niven books, I felt most emotions in All The Bright Places because I related to it a lot and had a very personal connection to Violet. But her second novel Holding Up The Universe also had me feeling emotions because of the plot and characters even though I didn’t realate to it as much.

Track Seven: So It Goes… – a book series that goes from a good start to a bad/meh ending?
This is an easy answer for me, Divergent by Veronica Roth started out to be a really good series and I was so excited about it and loved it and then when Allegiant came out I just couldn’t stand it and felt as though the book just wasn’t to the first two’s standards.

Track Eight: Gorgeous – a book you bought because of the cover?
I will be the first to admit, I do this a lot, but one in particular would have to be The Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh and I’ll have you know it is now one of my fave books ever and I do not regret.

Track Nine: Getaway Car – do you read books in the car/public transport?
I used to read all the time in the car when my family took trips to and from my families houses but as I have got over I have since acquired car sickness therefore I find it hard to read without feeling a lil after sometime.

Track Ten: King Of My Heart – a fictional character that owns your heart?
I could write a list of 101 names but one in particular I want to mention would have to be Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas, if you have read it you guys probably will agree that he is very swoon worthy.

Track Eleven: Dancing With Our Hands Tied – a book that had you tied in from the first sentence?
This was so Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow, literally had me from the first page I loved it all so much ahh so poetic and one of the most relatable books to me I’ve ever read and had me tied in from the start.

Track Twelve: Dress – a character who has a similar sense of fashion to you?
I will always relate to Clary Fray and her choice of clothing as it is always so simple and just very casual very much like me, also Cath from Fangirl I imagine to have the same sense of fashion too as she is also into pretty casual clothes and nothing really fancy.

Track Thirteen: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things – a shady character that you dislike?
I really lowkey do not like Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments he was always very shady and I just could not take to his weird obsession with Clary and Jace.

Track Fourteen: Call It What You Want – if you had to call one fictional character to humanity who would you choose and why?
For me I would probably bring out Alex from Akarnae because I feel like her and me would be BFF’s in real life and would probably be just as clumsy as each other (ha)

Track Fifteen: New Year’s Day – a book you can’t wait to read in the new year?
Keen as a bean to read Graevale by Lynette Noni next year, also Nevernight 3 I am really wanting to get my hands on!

Annnnnddddd thats a wrap!
I hope you all enjoyed, some of the questions were a lil hard to make bookish but I think I did a fairly good job considering I got distracted 78346284 during making this listening to the album over and over again. I tag anyone that wants to do this tag, if you do it please link your post in the comments so I can check it out or tweet me the link on twitter! Don’t forget to get your copy of Repuatation, trust me its worth all the money in the world tbh (that Kanye sass has me living)

Mollie x


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