Hey Guys! Been a while since I just casually wrote a review like this and since most of my posts have been book reviews I just wanted to have a little bit of a change I guess.

So on Sunday, I went and saw Finding Dory. It was opening weekend so to say that it was absolutely packed would be a very big understatement!

I went into this movie with high expectations, and let me tell you that those expectations were met above and beyond!!

I honestly feel like I like this movie better than the first, I feel as though the messages that flowed throughout the film were more informative and less known to the world, where as the first film really didn’t hold a particular message at all, other than the importance of family.

The ending to me was what held the most important meaning of all the film, without spoiling the ending, I will just say that I hope what happened inspires those in real life to follow in the footsteps of this film.

It was so cool seeing all the old characters come back into another movie and I love how it started with Dory as a baby (which was beyond adorable may I add!) and I also love how they added in the time that Dory and Marlin both met for the first time but this time from Dory’s point of view instead of Marlin’s.

This isn’t to do with the movie itself as such, but the opening short film of the baby seagull may or may not have been the cutest and best opening that a Disney film has ever had. I also really appreciate the small message that was found in that short film that would have inspired some of the smaller audience in the theatre.

Overall, I loved the film. Much more than the first one that’s for sure. Dory’s backstory was intriguing and just too cute. Would 10/10 recommend to all those Disney lovers of all ages that are wanting to go see it, if you are on the fence about it I guarantee to you that it is worth it and you wont regret it!!!