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Today I have a TBR post which isn’t something I post a lot of but my friend Aentee also known as ReadatMidnight (Aentee also made the header I used!!) talked me into joining her AsianLitBingo and I’m super exited to be joining – read below to see what I’ll be reading!

For this one, I went with An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir as I have been meaning to re read this one for so long since it has been a while and really want a refresher before I go ahead and start book two.


I’ve gone with a book that really intrigued me for this one Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng its a little out of my comfort zone genre wise but I have heard so much good feedback from friends so therefore I’m open to giving it a go and hope I enjoy it.


I absolutely had to go with Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh for this one, it’s a book I have been dying to read and this free space seems to be the perfect excuse to be reading it as soon as possible!


This one was a tough one, I really wanted to re read The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh since it is one of my favourite books of all time, but I feel as though already reading Flame in the Mist that I should branch out to more than just my fave Renee Ahdieh (hahah) anyway, so I will be re reading The Star Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi as I would really be able to get on to the second book Crown of Wishes very soon!


Obviously I HAD to go with Jenny Han’s latest book Forever and Always Lara Jean because I just adore this series and when I found out that Jenny was writing another book for it I just preordered it instantly! I can’t wait to see what the finale of this series has for me and lets hope my otp works out.

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Comment down below if you are joining this read along and also if you have read any of the books I’m reading!


Aentee’s post: https://readatmidnight.com/2017/05/02/asianlitbingo-reading-tbr/

More details here: https://readingasiam.wordpress.com/2017/05/01/asian-lit-bingo-reading-challenge-announcement-and-master-post/



Hey Guys! So, today’s post is a special one because it is a team book review of both mine and my friend Sarah from WrittenWordWorlds and we today bring you our very long and very detailed review of Windfall by Jennifer E Smith, read below for our thoughts and please follow Sarah cause she’s an absolute gem and a sweetheart (also note the bold text is Sarah, and the normal one is me)

S: Let’s firstly talk about luck! We’ve read up to part 2 already, and we can see that luck plays a big part in regards to the lottery ticket. Personally, I don’t believe in a luck that ‘controls’ us or acts like fate – I think that we make our own luck through the decisions that we make and the way we choose to live. Do you believe in luck?

M: I think that there isn’t such a thing as luck personally, because we can usually choose our own path in our decisions and we can usually change and pick most of the things we choose and at the end of the day they affect the ‘luck’ we have I guess.

S: I completely agree! And I loved the whole idea with the lottery ticket. I feel like it’s something a lot of us fantasise about – winning millions of dollars and never having to work again – but surprisingly I’ve never read about it happening in a YA book before! If you were to win a million dollars, what would you do with it?

M: This is a tricky one! Obviously half of me would want to donate a fair bit to charity just because I feel like I could for one not even spend that much in the first place on myself, I would probably also probably buy something for my mum and dad cause just to be cheesy and let’s be real a lot of books would probably be bought, what about you, what would you do with a million dollars?

S: I love all your ideas! It’s so sweet that you’d buy something for your parents. I’d definitely want to donate some to charity, possibly animal shelters or to support mental health organisations. And then I’d like to buy a place to live in – not too fancy, but comfortable. And then, of course, I’d need some books for my new house! Oh, and a personal library. You know, all the essentials! So how are you finding Windfall overall at the moment? I know we’ve only read about 70 pages, but do you feel connected to the characters so far?

M: I love all your ideas too! I really do like it so far, I really like Alice as a main character and really feel for her as a character and I also particularly like Leo as a character and also the fact that he is LGBTQIAP+ but I so far just love the whole plot centring around luck and the lottery and can’t wait to see where it goes! How are you finding it? Do you like where the story has started off and the characters so far?

S: Is it strange that I always seem to take a while to feel connected with the characters and really get to know them? For me, the plot is the main thing I focus on in the beginning. I want to really understand what’s happening, where the story is set and where it’s going. Up until the half-way mark, the characters are always reasonably forgettable to me! But Alice is cool enough so far. And because of that, I didn’t even know Leo is a part of the LGBTQIAP+ community! I’m excited to read more about him now.

M: That’s such a cool concept to go into books with wow, to me I always have to look at the characters at least a little first to see if I’m going to like them because if I don’t I tend to not be as invested in the story and them as much.

S: No way! It sounds like we’re complete opposites! So where do you think the story will go now? I know that, of course, nothing’s going to be a walk in the park. All the talk we’ve had so far of them fearing losing the ticket is already stressing me out! If they lose the ticket, I swear to god…

M: I feel like things are about to change between Teddy and the others pretty dramatically once he has all that money especially for Alice who is still trying to capture his attention and I feel like a lot of twists and turns and hard times are to come!

S: I think so too! I really like the prospect of Alice’s and Teddy’s relationship changing, and I hope things work out between them. And I mean, they say that money can’t buy you happiness, but maybe it could buy them love?

M: I can only hope! I really hope that Teddy will see that Alice is there and always has been and doesn’t fall for all of the ‘fake’ relationships that I’m sure will come with his newfound fortune.

S: I hope so too. I guess we’ll just have to keep reading! Let’s read up to Chapter 22, which is roughly halfway through the novel, and chat again! Sound good?

M: Sounds awesome!


S: Hello again, Mollie! For those of you reading this, we chatted last night about what we read up to Part Two, and now we’ll be discussing everything that’s happened up to Part Four! Spoiler-free, of course. No naming-and-shaming. Let’s start by talking a little about our emotions in regards to what we’ve just read. I’m feeling a bit angry, but also frustrated because of the way that Teddy’s been acting in regards to him becoming a multi-millionaire overnight. How are you feeling about that?

M: I think the main emotion that I’m feeling would have to be frustration for how Teddy is acting, as well as sympathetic for Alice as a few different and new things were revealed about Alice in the parts we read today about her past that really helps us to understand more about her actions and just her as a character!

S: I completely agree! I think the main thing I was surprised to find was that there’s a bit of a love triangle going on. If you know me at all, you’ll know that 9 times out of 10, I hate love triangles! The obvious excuses are, of course, with Will and Jem in The Infernal Devices and the classic Edward and Jacob. What are your thoughts on the love triangle we’re seeing forming?

M: To me, the love triangle seems to be a little one sided so far and I’m not sure how long the other side will last and I’m still not 100% how I feel about that but the main thing that I feel about it is that I like that it isn’t sort of the main aspect like it doesn’t take away from the story as of yet at least and as long as our main character is happy in the end with the one she chooses I guess that is the main thing! What about you Sarah?

S: Very true! I always hate it when the love triangle seems to be the main focus of a narrative. I do hope she’ll end up with Teddy, but at the moment, I’m feeling quite unsure about him. Some of his recent actions have been really questionable and I’m not liking the way he’s handling some situations. Do you think his change in behaviour and attitudes were warranted from him winning the lottery?

M: I think a lot of his actions made in the current parts we recently read were for sure from his lottery win, I think that after not having so much money and then all of a sudden having so much that he is kind of just trying to get used to the fact that this is his life and to be a winner at such a young age too probably makes it a lot more harder to act normal about it too, I think he has made a lot of bad decisions but at the end of the day I really hope that he does some massive redeeming to all those that he has done wrong too. How do you feel about it?

S: I really hope he redeems himself to. I mean, it’s scary, right? He’s the same age as us and he’s making such massive decisions and using his position in the media in a way that could trail him for the rest of his life. I’d like to hope that I’d act more responsibly in his situation, but you can’t really know how you’d act unless you were in his shoes. It would be hard not to let that fame and attention get to you, wouldn’t it? *thinking* Hmm ask me a good question! I can’t think right now *cries*

M: It would be hard to not let the fame get to your head I guess! How are you feeling about the trio’s friendship in the last 2 parts that we have read? Do you think it is a healthy relationship at the moment or are you also beginning to see the cracks begin.

S: Their friendship dynamics have definitely shifted – understandably, too. I feel like they have some tough times ahead and the only way they’re going to get through them and remain friends is by communicating with each other truthfully, and I feel like that’s not happening enough at this point. If you could say one thing to Alice, Leo, and Teddy, right now, what would you say?

M: To Alice, I would probably assure her that change is good and she can’t keep going on forever the same and I think she would find that if she just let some more people in she would find herself a lot happier. To Leo, I would probably remind him that there are ups and downs in life but not to worry about being ‘cursed’ or ‘the universe’ making up what happens because in the end what happens is mostly our own choices and decisions in the end. And to dear Teddy, probably just let him know a lot of things but mostly to just open his eyes to the amazing friends he has by his side and that he is loved and doesn’t need to feel like he doesn’t belong. What about you?

S: I love your answers. I think that instead of telling them each one thing, I’d grab Alice and Teddy and shove them together, refusing to let them out of the room until they talk to one another and stop hiding how they’re really feeling. It just frustrates me so much! So I guess what I’d say is: “You’re not leaving this bunker until you communicate with one another. I will be right here, eating pizza, and you can’t have any until you’ve worked through your differences and become a cute couple like I want you to be.” Haha!

M: Haha! Couldn’t agree more! How do you feel about the upcoming battles that are probably going to come up in the next few chapters? Do you feel as though it’s going to bring Teddy and Alice closer or further apart?

S: As much as I don’t want to admit it, I think that Teddy and Alice have a hard time ahead of them both, especially in regards to their relationship. I feel as though, in order to make their friendship work and for it to transform into something more, they have to work through the hard stuff first. And it’s undeniable that these kind of situations make for unputdownable reads! Do you like reading books with this kind of tension? Do you get as frustrated as I do?

M: I love them but I also get so super frustrated that I can’t stop reading if that even makes any sense haha!

S: I feel exactly the same! Last question for tonight – At the moment, what other books would you recommend for people who are enjoying Windfall like we are? Have you read any of Jennifer’s other novels?

M: I don’t think I’ve read anything like it in the sense of the lottery plot, but I have read This Is What Happy Looks Like and I really enjoyed it and I think that this book definitely has a lot more meaning and values to it than that book, at the moment I would probably say people would probably like Jenny Han’s books if they liked Windfall, what about you? Have you read anything like Windfall before?

S: I’ve actually had three of Jennifer’s novels sitting on my shelves for the past three years! I’m terrible! But because I’m enjoying Windfall so much, I’m definitely thinking I’ll have to get onto her other novels ASAP. While I haven’t read anything similar in regards to the lottery element, her writing style does remind me of Morgan Matson. I adore her books, and Second Chance Summer particularly comes to mind when thinking of books for fans of Windfall!

M: Good answer! I love Morgan Matson too! Also totally recommend getting around to reading those other Jennifer books afterwards!

S: Will do! It was great to chat tonight. Let’s talk again when we get to Part Five! I’m going to go and binge-read this now – it’s brilliant!

M: Hello again Sarah! Now that we have both read up to part five, how are you feeling about the direction that the plot is going? Can you see a happy ending for anyone coming?

S: Hey Mollie! The last part we read was definitely intense – I’m not sure if we have enough pages left to resolve anything! What happened has left things in quite a mess and while it did provide for the opportunity to see some things start to look better, for everything that looked like it was going up, there were three things that could potentially end in a wreckage! I just hope my OTPs get together by the end. That’s all I want at this point! What about you? Is there one thing in particular you’re scared of happening (without spoilers, of course!)?

M: I agree! This last part we read was stressing me out ah! I feel like a lot of paths were opened and also a few endings to paths were closed and I’m honestly just hoping that my OTP ends up together and everyone is essentially happy in the end! I’m just scared that some characters aren’t going to get the happy ending they deserve honestly is my biggest thing I’m scared of!

S: That’s a reasonable fear to have at this point in time! I think the most dramatic thing to happen in the last part we just read was the emergence of a parental figure in the story. While the parents of our protagonists have been relatively absent for the entirety of the novel, one person in particular seemed to be thrust into the spotlight. How do you feel about them showing up? Did you have bad feelings all along, and do you think we need to see more of everyone else’s family?

M: I definitely had bad feelings with a certain parental figure that turned up in this part, all along I felt not very good vibes to them and just didn’t really want to believe that anything good could come of them sadly. I feel as though I would really love to see more of Aunt Sophia (?) especially because she hasn’t been as evident in the story as I would like and I feel like they are very important to Alice’s life and would really like to see more on her and hear more of her thoughts and moments with her and Alice. What were your thoughts on this mysterious parental figure that was in the spotlight of this part?

S: I had hoped that they were genuine, but it was hard to ignore that feeling that they were up to something. Sadly, this was quite a heartbreaking part of the book, but I’m satisfied with the way one particular protagonist handled the situation. I’ve got one particular scene in mind that was especially heart-wrenching, and I couldn’t help but hold my breath for the poor characters. Thankfully, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Soon after, there was a part that made me feel as though this character was showing the potential to redeem themselves and it definitely made me look at them in a different light. How did you feel about that particular scene, and has your opinion on this character changed from the beginning of the novel?

M: In reference to that scene, I think it showed a different side to the character involved and it was a side that I myself was waiting to come and I was thankful for it being the way it was that’s for sure! Also in this part, we find characters making decisions on things like universities to go to, do you think they have so far made good choices on them or do you feel as though changes could be quickly made?

S: I do think that a lot of the decisions made throughout the narrative have been rushed or not thought out completely, but maybe that’s just the side of me that likes to plan to perfection talking. I mean, I probably wouldn’t make a list of pros and cons for every dollar I spent if I won millions of dollars in the lottery. However, I’m liking how the characters seem to be thinking more rationally at the end of the part we just read and I have high hopes that this will continue into the penultimate chapters. In relation to one particular breakup, how do you feel about this and what are your hopes for this character? Were you as heartbroken for them as I was?

M: I wasn’t so much heartbroken because I feel as though they may come together in the end but that may just be me being the stubborn person I am and I go into denial when some of my faves breakup, I just really hope things will be sorted soon so my heart can be a happy sunshine again. I just feel as though there is still a lot of love there and that the breakup was again a rushed decision and let’s just hope for the best I guess! That now concludes our chat for tonight, thanks Sarah for your great answers, now we will read until the end of the book and then come back again for a final wrap up of our thoughts!

S: Thanks for chatting again with me, Mollie! Fingers crossed everything works out in the ways that we hope for. Talk when we reach the end!

M: Hey Sarah! Welcome back, now that we have both finished Windfall, how are you feeling? Were you satisfied with the ending?

S: Hi again, Mollie! Wow, those last few chapters were a roller coaster! I’m really happy with the way things ended up, but you know me, I will never be satisfied. If I love a book, no amount of pages will ever be enough! And I would have loved to know more about what will happen next and to get some confirmation on where things are headed, but sometimes those semi-open endings are the best ones. They’re so accurate, right? Did you feel as though there was too much left up in the air? Or just the right amount?

M: I feel like I was a little unsatisfied, but that is mainly for the fact that I will forever be wondering what happened next and it kills me that I will never actually know for sure, which shamefully happens a lot for me and I get a little frustrated over it but overall it wasn’t a bad ending at all and I guess that I was for the most part fairly satisfied with it.

S: I completely understand that feeling. Without giving too much away, do you think you were happy with where our protagonists ended up? For me, seeing their growth was really moving and I loved going on this journey with them. We laughed together, cried together, and I definitely won’t be forgetting about these two normal teenagers who had their lives turned upside down because of a string of numbers. How did you feel about their overall development?

M: I really loved watching the development of the characters, I think it was really realistic and I felt as though I could feel the emotions of the characters myself which is always a sign that I am loving and connecting to a set of characters. I also found a good contrast of sad and really significant scenes and also just sarcastic scenes to be a real roller coaster of emotions and it was just all round such a good plot that had some really different and quirky characters. What is message that you found important in Windfall, and what does it mean to you?

S: Ooh, I love that question! I think the main thing that I gained from Windfall was the message to always be myself, even when it’s hard. There’ll be times in life when the wind tries to push us one direction and, sure, we’re allowed to change, but we can’t be forced into being something we’re not because of our circumstances. Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but I think it’s always important to remember the person you used to be and the person you want to be. Don’t let others change you into someone you can’t recognise. What did you take from Windfall?

M: I completely agree to your answer! I found that the main message was about change too, that change can’t be just thrown upon a person and also that it is okay to change and we can be our own people and we don’t have to live in the shadows of who people want us to be. I think the lottery was a very good way to approach this topic too because it is going to inflict change upon a winner it’s just up to the winner to decide which path of change they wish to take. Who was your favourite character to follow in Windfall and why?

S: I really loved Teddy, but not for all the obvious reasons. Sure, he was a pretty adorable love interest at times, but at other times, he was really infuriating. I always knew that he had a heart of gold and it pained me to see him act rashly sometimes and do things that would make me want to shout at him through the pages, but ultimately, I knew he was a good person. But watching him grow into a great person was honestly one of the most rewarding parts of reading Windfall. The generosity that had been in his heart the whole time, but may have gotten buried along the way, eventually rose to the surface and allowed Teddy to redeem himself for every stupid thing he did. He was frustrating and annoying and made mistakes, but I loved him because of that. No one’s perfect – he’s far from it. But even in the end we see all his potential and we’re left with the feeling that he will go on and do amazing things. (Which makes me wish there was a sequel!) Who do you think you saw yourself in most?

M: Love your answer there, completely agree! For me, I think I saw myself the most in Alice, because I do love to help people and if I won that money I feel like the most of it would go to helping those in need of it most, I also found that I agreed with a lot of her actions and in that sense I guess we relate too. I would also say I relate to Leo in the dog/animal loving department because as we all know I love animals and am obsessed haha, what about you?

S: Honestly, those two are the people I saw myself the most in too! They’re both people I found really easy to connect to because I could see a part of myself in them, which always helps when trying to write relatable characters. The characters were definitely my favourite aspect of this novel and I loved being taken on this journey with them. Okay, last question! If you had to describe this book in three words, what would they be?

M: Ooh this is a hard one! Probably, meaningful, bittersweet and addicting. This book was for sure one full of ups and downs but also had moments where you couldn’t help but be left in awe. I also found it be a big page turner and just wanted to keep on going. How would you describe Windfall in three words?

S: Those three words are perfect! I’d have to go with “hopeful”, “heart-warming” and “poignant”. After reading Windfall, all I want to do is binge-read the author’s other novels!

M: I totally recommend you do that! Though I did find Windfall to be fairly different in the way that it had more meaning and a very different sort of spin to it I do recommend you go check them out! Thank you for reading along with me Sarah! It was an absolute pleasure!!

S: I definitely will! And thank you! It was so fun to be able to chat with you (mostly fangirl, let’s be honest) and I hope we can do this again soon!




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When BFFs Charlie, Taylor and Jamie go to SupaCon, they know it’s going to be a blast. What they don’t expect is for it to change their lives forever.

Charlie likes to stand out. SupaCon is her chance to show fans she’s over her public breakup with co-star, Reese Ryan. When Alyssa Huntington arrives as a surprise guest, it seems Charlie’s long-time crush on her isn’t as one-sided as she thought.

While Charlie dodges questions about her personal life, Taylor starts asking questions about her own.

Taylor likes to blend in. Her brain is wired differently, making her fear change. And there’s one thing in her life she knows will never change: her friendship with Jamie—no matter how much she may secretly want it to. But when she hears about the Queen Firestone SupaFan Contest, she starts to rethink her rules on playing it safe.


This book was everything I ever wanted in a book and much more. This book had so many diverse aspects as well which is something that I look for a lot in the books I read, there was POC, LGBTQIAP+ and there was also different cultures and it was just really heartwarming to see so many diverse aspects in a book that relates to a lot of readers as well.

The characters were the best thing about this book to me, I found them all to be very relatable and also really unique in their own ways. If I had to choose one favourite character I honestly couldn’t because there are so many different reasons I liked certain characters and I think you know a book is great when you relate to more than one character very passionately and also feel a strong love for them all.

The plot was also something a lot of readers I feel could relate to as it is set in SupaCon which is basically a fictional Comic Con and especially to me as I go to a fair few different cons and to read a book set in one just felt really cool and something I would like to read more about.

Overall, this book was very quirky and unique, filled with so many diverse aspects with very loveable and awesome characters. I would recommend this to anyone that loves something unique and also has a really cool setting. I am really excited to read more of Jen’s writing in the future!



BUY HERE: https://www.bookdepository.com/Queens-of-Geek/9781250111395





The unsolvable problem: If Sophia is a genius, why can’t she crack the puzzle of what to do with her life?

Fact: Sophia is smart. As in, certified-child-prodigy, breezing-through-uni-subjects-even-though-she’s-only-in-year-twelve smart. This terrifies her, because geniuses have a tendency to end up as recluses and weirdos – and with her current social ineptness, she’s halfway there already.

Truth: Joshua is good at magic tricks, ignoring most things about year twelve, and not thinking at all about life after high school.

Fact: Sophia can’t even talk to her best friend Elsie about her anxieties, because Elsie is firmly focused on her own future – and on plans that will mean leaving Sophia behind.

Truth: Joshua has had a secret crush on Sophia since forever, but he doesn’t have forever to act on it.

Fact: There are some things no amount of genius can prepare you for … and the messiness of the real world is one of them.

Truth: Timing is everything.

The long-awaited YA novel from the award-winning author of Life in Outer Space and The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl.


This book was such a cute and fluffy read set in Melbourne with the main character Sophie also having a Sri Lankan heritage, this book was diverse and also all I wanted out of another Melissa Keil book.

The writing of this book was beautiful, just like Keil’s other books and she has quickly become one of my favourite Australian authors as I also love that I can relate and connect more with where the story is set, as I have been to Melbourne a lot and I know how it feels to be there, therefore I can vividly picture the characters surroundings more which is something I don’t get a lot of in books and wish for more of!

I think my favourite part of the book would be the diverse set of characters and also how the plot weaved in science and magic in a very cute way that I don’t recall reading about before. I also found that I adored all of the characters, in particular I really liked Josh.

Overall, I found this book to be a very cute, diverse and had an amazing writing style that just flowed beautifully. I would recommend this to anyone that likes romance/contemporary books and also to those that like to read something diverse and Australian Literature.



BUY HERE: http://www.booktopia.com.au/the-secret-science-of-magic-melissa-keil/prod9781760127763.html




Worked on this post with Tash from ConfessionsFromRomaholics we both had a big deep and meaningful chat on this topic and decided to do our own posts on this with our own personal experiences read Tash’s post here

Lately I’ve found a massive trend that has started in the book world where books that have such a meaningful message of mental illness in there, where the cure of the main characters illness seems to be to have a lover and find love. While love itself can be very life changing, can it actually cure mental illness?

I myself have suffered pretty severe anxiety and let me tell you that finding romance and love for someone has not cured me. Many books never seem to focus on the factors that do actually help a lot of mental illness suffers such as medication to ease the illness, seeing councillors to talk about thoughts and feelings and the constant battle of self doubt that takes time to get rid of.

Instead of reading a book that is about loving another person to make a mental illness to go away, I would love to read more where the main protagonist begins to find love for themselves as that is another key thing that isn’t seen a lot in books about mental illness and it isn’t an easy thing to achieve.

In saying all this, I am not in any way trying to say that people with mental illness don’t deserve love, I’m just trying to get say that books that have the trope of love ‘curing’ mental illness is unrealistic in my opinion and there are many other things that people with mental illness go through as well as just find love = being cured and free of mental illness.

Despite loving books that do have this trope, I would in the future love to see some change and hopefully more books that show the character going through their illness without having a life changing romance that cures them, I would love to see more stories where the main characters don’t rely on love, and begin to love themselves. I want to see more stories that I can relate to because as a person that suffers from mental illness, I find that it can be very unrealistic to see characters just falling in love and not looking back at ever having an illness because they are ‘cured’.









Comment down below your thoughts and feelings on this trope below, I’m interested to know all your thoughts and feels on this too! (Also don’t feel bad if you loved some of these books that have this trope, it is completely fine we all have different opinions and connect to things differently)




Science geek Meg is left to look after her little sister for ten days after her free-spirited mum leaves suddenly to follow up yet another of her Big Important Causes. But while Meg may understand how the universe was formed, baby Elsa is a complete mystery to her.

And Mum’s disappearance has come at the worst time: Meg is desperate to win a competition to get the chance to visit NASA headquarters, but to do this she has to beat close rival Ed. Can Meg pull off this double life of caring for Elsa and following her own dreams? She’ll need a miracle of cosmic proportions …

Fans fell in love with the warmth, wit, romance and fierce friendships in Flirty Dancing, Love Bomb, Sunkissed and Star Struck, and Stargazing for Beginners has all that and galaxies more. This is the best kind of real-life fiction – with big themes and irresistible characters, it goes straight to your heart.


This book was one of those ones that was short and sweet and you can easily read in one sitting. This book for the most part I found very entertaining and even found myself laughing out loud while reading at some points.

The main character Meg’s dedication and love for science and space is a really big aspect of the book and I surprisingly loved it even though I don’t like those topics myself I genuinely liked learning new things from Meg and I think that Meg as a character in general was just really interesting and something a little different from the usual.

The plot of this book was also very cool and something I’m not usually into however when my friend read and adored it I just knew I had to check it out for myself as she said that I too would love it, which I really did!

The only little problem that I had with this book was with the adult characters of the book being a little unrealistically irresponsible, Meg’s mother just dumped her kids who are under aged well and truly without making any plans for them to stay with anyone and the Grandfather I found to be just as worse. I also don’t really understand how the nursery and school didn’t see through Meg’s lies as they were not the most believable in my opinion.

However overall, apart from the small roles of the adults in this book, I found it to be a really fast and easy read that was pretty enjoyable and bittersweet. I think that anyone that adores space should pick this book up!


BUY HERE: https://www.bookdepository.com/search/Stargazing-for-Beginners-Jenny-McLachlan/9781408879757






1. Medora: Alex steps through a doorway and ends up in Medora. If you had the chance to step through a doorway, which fictional world would you want to end up in?
I would LOVE to visit the Night Court from A Court of Mist and Fury because I love the night sky and I would just love to see it especially since Rhysand also lives there and I wanna see him too ahah.

2. Akarnae: Alex and friends attend Akarnae Academy. Which fictional school would you like to attend?
A fictional school I would like to visit would have to be Vampire Academy because I would SO love to hang out with Rose and become as kick ass as her and maybe even meet a cute vamp.

3. Alex, Jordan & Bear: Alex, Jordan and Bear have the best friendship. What is your favourite pair or group of platonic friends?
I would have to say for this one it would be Simon and Clary as they have such a unique friendship that is just so loving and caring in such a friend way and they are always there to guide each other through tough times.

4. Potential Pops: Classes at Akarnae are ranked by a person’s potential in that particular area. Which typical, perfect, YA protagonist would be in Epsilon – the highest rank – for every class?
This would have to be Mia from Nevernight, she is seen to be the best of the best especially when it comes to combat and being an amazing assassin.

5. The Library: The Library at Akarnae is sentient and is always giving Alex advice. Which fictional character would you like to be there to give you advice when you need it?
I would love for Charlie from Girl in Pieces to be there to mentor me because she is such a strong and independent person that I feel doesn’t know in her head what to do all of the time but her heart pulls her to do the right thing, and she always makes some really tricky decisions but in the end she made the right choices.

6. Raelia: Raelia is a crossroads where people have to make a choice. If you were forced to chose only one genre to read for the rest of your life, which would it be?
This is a hard one, I sometimes struggle reading a lot of fantasy in which I love but if I had to read one thing it would probably have to be contemporary because I could read that all day every day and I wouldn’t get brain fried from taking in so much information as I need to when I read some fantasies.

7. Kalex: We’re all die-hard lovers of Kaiden and Alex’s slow burning romance. What is an OTP that took too long to happen?
JACE AND CLARY OH MY GOSH. My heart hurt for those first few books, the tension was insane and I just wanted to push them towards being with each other but also that um plot twist.

8. D.C.: We all know D.C. as the character with the secret past, who we eventually come to love. Name a shady character you ended up loving.
For me this 100% was Rhysand, from the ACOTAR series, he was so shady in book one and I wasn’t sure about him at the start but then book two came along and then all the feels for him began to start ahh.

9. Meya: Meya is the lost city. What book have you lost that you would love to find.
I can’t seem to locate where my copies of A Series of Unfortunate Events is and I REALLY want to re read them after I saw the netflix series on them because I loved it and now it looks as though I’m going to need to buy new copies

10. Predictions: What is one prediction you have for Draekora?
ITS AMAZING AND GOING TO BE A HEARTBREAKER (already read it before this tag oops)

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