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Today I have the honor of starting off the first day of the It Came From The Deep by Maria Lewis Blog Tour! Today you will find some questions that the ever so lovely Maria answered about her new book and also about some fun random shiz towards the end!

What is one thing we should expect to see from It Came From The Deep?

Water. No but seriously, I’ve always wanted to see if I could tell a straight-up merman story and the best way to describe the book is a cross between The Little Mermaid and Creature From The Black Lagoon.

How different has the publishing process of It Came From The Deep been from Who’s Afraid?

Completely different, in that the Who’s Afraid? series is published by Little Brown and Piatkus in London, then pushed out worldwide through the traditional avenues. It Came From The Deep, on the flip side, is self-published and will be released worldwide in eBook format only on the same date, at the same time, on October 31, 2017 – Halloween. I’m blessed to work with such an incredible and huge publishing team on the Who’s Afraid? series at Little Brown, but It Came From The Deep is a much smaller, contained story and required a different publishing approach than the traditional route. I’ve also never self-published anything before, so I wanted to learn from that experience and take that knowledge on to my next project. Plus, there’s the perk of being entirely the boss on a book like this, as the final editing and cover art decisions all come down to me (which is a lot of pressure too, to be fair).

How would you explain It Came From The Deep in 3 words?

A merman mystery.

How long did it take for you to write It Came From The Deep?

I actually originally wrote it as part of National Novel Writing Month several years ago, so the book itself was written in the course of one month. It was put to the side as Who’s Afraid? and its sequels become the priority, along with the TV adaptation, but it took a fair bit or reworking and fine-tuning before it got to the stage where I felt confident enough to put It Came From The Deep out for people to consume.

If you had to choose one favourite character from It Came From The Deep who would it be and why?

I love Jarna ‘Cabby’ Cabin, who is a training acquaintance of the main character (Kaia Craig) when It Came From The Deep starts off and their friendship grows significantly throughout the book. In the same way I love writing Tommi’s longtime best friend Joss from the Who’s Afraid? series, I adored getting to write Cabby as she’s loosely inspired by a good friend of mine who was bugging me to put a character like her into one of my books. Cabby is just the bomb dot com. She’s smart and motivated and loyal – a lot of the traits I admire – and definitely someone that I would want to hang out with IRL. She also gets some of the best throwaway lines in the story and I always looked forward to writing her dialogue if I knew she was coming up on the next page.

Fun Questions:

Current Fave Tv Show?


Best Book you’ve read this year so far?

Final Girls by Riley Sager or Hamilton: The Revolution.

Favourite Clothing Shop?

That’s like asking me which one of my fictional children I love the most, but probably That Shop or Killstar Clothing.

What is your favourite Halloween movie?

That’s a loaded question, because do you mean film based in and around Halloween (like Hocus Pocus, for instance)? Or does just a regular horror movie count as a Halloween movie? My answer would be Halloween for the former and Alien for that latter.

Mermaids or Werewolves?

Werewolves. Always.

Pineapple on Pizza: Yes or No???

I’m Polynesian, man. Of course I’m all about pineapple on pizza.




An elderly professor is murdered, leaving a puzzling crime scene for police to unravel and a laboratory housing all kinds of marine life. But something is missing … something huge.

Recent highschool graduate Kaia Craig has problems of her own, with her career as an ironwoman on the Gold Coast in jeopardy after a horrific accident. Yet someone wants to hold her accountable.

After nearly drowning in Lake Pelutz and her attackers on the run, Kaia is left with more than just physical injuries. She’s convinced she saw something in the depths of the lake: something that choose to spare her. Uncertain whether she’s running towards the discovery of a friend or foe, Kaia begins digging into a mystery that may have bigger ramifications than she or any of her friends can fathom.

It Came From The Deep is a thrilling combination of young adult and science fiction from the author of the critically acclaimed Who’s Afraid? series, Maria Lewis.




So today I have the pleasure of bringing you a very beautiful interview by the very inspiring author of Girl In Pieces Kathleen Glasgow! I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did and if you haven’t already read Girl In Pieces, I hope this inspires you to read soon!! Huge thank you to Kathleen from the bottom of my heart for answering these questions with all your heart and honesty, you answered them amazing!

How long did it take for you to write Girl in Pieces?
It took 9 years. Not because I’m a genius, or because it’s a masterpiece, but because life happens! I was working full-time, I had two babies, I lost my mother and sister…and all those things can make writing very difficult. Sometimes, life happens, and you have to let things sit.

Were any of the characters personality/traits taken from people in your life?
Charlie has little bits of my emotions, and certainly my scars, but her story is different than mine. If you are a writer, real life does creep into your work–how can it not!–because people are cool, awesome, strange, dangerous, and say the most interesting things. And you might give somebody’s funny or sad line to a character, or maybe a hairstyle–but those are window-dressing, really. Characters are funny that way–they take on a life of their own. They live on the page.
What’s one message you want people to get most from Girl in Pieces?
That it’s okay to be you.
Do you have any new works coming out soon in the near future? Is there anything you are allowed to tell us if so?
My next book is scheduled for summer of 2018 and right now, it’s called Seriously.
It’s a about a girl named Tiger; grief; skateboarding; first kisses;  and the sister she never knew she had.
What was your favourite read or 2016 and why?
Ahh! That question. I read so many great books in 2016 that it’s hard to say just one. I’ll mention, instead, some books that I think deserve a little extra attention: Teach Me to Forget, by Erica Chapman; Unscripted Joss Byrd, by Lygia Day Penaflor; Learning to Swear in America, by Katie Kennedy; and The Killer in Me, by Margot Harrison.
Did you have any second thoughts about publishing? If so how did you overcome them?
I never had any second thoughts because I never knew what to expect! At first, I felt a little naked after the book came out–like I said, some of Charlie’s feelings stem directly from my experiences with self-harm–but then I started to get the most heartfelt letters, videos, poems, and artwork from readers who were grateful that I’d told Charlie’s story, because part of her story was their story, and they finally felt heard. And that….made everything worthwhile, and still does.
Where did you find the courage to write such a powerful and touching novel that so many could say they relate to?
My mother and sister died while I was writing the book. I lost several layers of emotional skin. I was open in a way that I will probably never be again–and that’s where a lot of the book–the loneliness, the fear, the longing, the wanting to be loved, and to not be alone–comes from.
Would you have changed anything in the books final draft now that it’s published?
Quick Round of Fun Questions:
Favourite Food?
Carne Asada enchiladas with green chile and a huge, icy Coke.
Favourite Actor?
Toni Collette. Would. Watch. Her. In. Anything. (P.S. I totally want her to play Ariel if a movie of Girl in Pieces ever happens)
Dream Place to Visit?
The Hebrides
Last Movie you watched?
Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster
A Book that you Adore?
Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
Thanks again Kathleen for this amazing interview! You can find Kathleen and her debut novel here: