I give Girl Online by Zoe Sugg 5 stars

Girl Online tells the story of Penny. Penny has a hard time being herself around her friends and only with her best friend Elliot. Feeling this way, Penny makes a blog and goes by the anoymous name of ‘Girl Online’. On her blog Penny feels she can be herself and ask her blog followers anything. That is until she meets Noah. Meeting Noah changes Penny’s life for the good but also for the bad and could blow her cover as Girl Online.

From reading the book you really can’t really tell that this is Zoe’s first novel and seems pretty much like other authors I’ve read books from.

The story was different to anything I’ve ever read before, it had unique characters and it was good to have a new setting that I’ve never read about before (since most books I’ve read in this genre have been set in America but Girl Online is mainly set in Brighton)

The character Penny reminded me so much of myself. When I read I felt like I was her, I could feel everything that she went through in the book and really connected with her.

Girl Online was a cute and relatable book, definitely for lovers of Stephanie Perkins!

Can’t wait to read more of Zoe’s work

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