Emily has been friends with Adriana since Year One, way back when Adriana had a huge gap between her teeth and was super skinny. Emily wasn’t any less awkward looking, and the girls are inseparable all through primary and into high school.

But when Adriana’s mother dies during the autumn of Year Eight, everything changes. Adriana’s father accepts a job in Borneo and suddenly, the two best friends, who’ve always been together, are almost ten thousand miles apart. Despite the distance, and a rubbish internet connection, the girls manage to stay in touch for the next 18 months.

And then Adriana announces that she’s coming home.

Emily can’t wait for things to go back to how they were – except one thing is undeniably different from the moment Adriana’s plane touches down at Jefferson airport.
Adriana has gone from awkward to AMAZING. As in Victoria’s Secret model level of amazing – an utter goddess.

People stop her in the street to tell her she should model. Boys throw themselves at her everywhere she goes. The popular girls at school (aka The Tens), who made Adriana’s life hell once upon a time, are now following her on Insta and sending her pics on snapchat.

Thankfully, Adriana is no different on the inside. She’s still the same best friend Emily knows and loves, and they’re certainly not going to lose their friendship over the fact that Adriana has lucked out genetically.

Emily just wishes that one guy, any guy, would want to get to know her for some other reason besides being Adriana’s best friend. In the meantime, she’s committed to helping Adriana manage the throngs of potential suitors who are texting, emailing and adding Emily on Facebook in the hope of an introduction to ‘the goddess’, as Adriana is still pretty shy around boys and no-one’s made her want to step out of her shell.

That is, until she sees the brand new and super cute guy in Emily’s art class. The one called Theo, who makes Emily laugh so much she can barely focus on her own canvas. The only guy that Emily’s ever felt a real connection with – and the first one that doesn’t seem all that affected by Adriana’s appearance.

Two best friends crushing on one very cute guy … someone’s going to get their heart broken.

MY BEST FRIEND IS A GODDESS is about what happens to a friendship when two girls change – and not just on the outside.


This book was so relatable and very realistic in so many ways. I also love the unique way in which it was written in a series of emails, diary entry thoughts and also different points of view.

The writing of this book I was addictive, Tara writes very fluent and her characters are just so realistic and also relatable to real life occurrences that I really found myself losing myself in the book and I had it finished in one siting. Tara’s writing style for this book was also very quirky and I loved that it had the different from the usual, I loved the way that the story changed up and you saw all angles of the characters and I think that made the story really raw (especially the diary thoughts, they were the characters raw thoughts and feelings) which also helped me relate to it more too.

The characters of this story I found to be very easy to relate to, especially to me personally I found that I related the most to Emily and her story, however I also really related to certain parts of Adriana’s life.

Overall, I think that this is an important book that everyone should read. It teaches you that things in life don’t always stay the same. The writing of this book was probably my favourite aspect of the book as well as the creative and realistic characters. I recommend this book to anyone that loves contemporary coming of age stories and if you like a book that not only has a good plot and characters but also an inspiring and important message too.


Thank you to the lovely Tara Eglington and Harper Collins Australia for sending me a copy of this book for review!