“You’ve misunderstood. It’s not a choice. It’s a destiny.”
When fifteen year old Cate accidentally brings a dead cheerleader back to life her connection to the secretive Timesurfers is revealed. The Timesurfers travel through time and battle the powerful dark forces intent on manipulating history. Cate must discover her powers, choose a side and end a centuries old war


Timesurfers was a unique, fast paced and compelling read with a very quirky and cool main character that has kick ass rainbow coloured hair, if the hair part hasn’t already got you hooked just wait until you hear about the rest.

The storyline was very cool and very different to what I am used to reading, it never had any boring moments in it and the characters were very well portrayed and even had very satisfying humour that keeps you as a reader hooked and ready to hear more of what the characters have to say. Rhonda has a very unique and very quirky and different writing style to other Young Adult authors that is really refreshing and different to other books that I have read before.

Timesurfers was a very face paced book with humour, magic and time travel and something very  new and exciting to the Young Adult genre and the painful wait for book two is going to be very well worth it I’m sure!


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