Insurgent Movie Review *SPOILERS*

So I recently went to go see Insurgent which is the sequel to Divergent, based on the books by Veronica Roth. First off I’m just going to say Insurgent was my favourite of the series, I don’t know why myself I just re read it a lot and loved all the action I guess.

Going into the movie and seeing the trailers I prepared myself for the worst, I really hated the idea of Shailene not wearing a wig, I found myself seeing her more as herself more than I saw her as Tris.

Other than the hair thing I found the first maybe 20-30mins of the movie good, Tobias was himself and Miles Teller as Peter was hilarious and really made the movie have a little humor for all the serious stuff that was about to happen.

I had a love hate relationship with Evelyn being played by Naomi Watts, I mean I honestly really love Naomi as a person and an actor I just found that her as Four’s mum didn’t fit as she honestly looked like she could have been his sibling more than his Mother.

An hour into the movie, I felt a little bored and confused with things, yes I had read the books many times but things were getting really rushed and changed and I really lost where we were at with the storyline.

I really did not like how Tris called Tobias Four the whole movie, in the book it was an insult to him for her to call him by his nickname and it was pretty annoying the chemistry between the two it didn’t feel very real unlike in the Divergent movie.

The thing that annoyed me the most, would have to be the forgetfulness of the fears. Tobias is known for only having four fears and one of them as we know is shooting someone and in Insurgent the book we know he (spoiler) has trouble killing Eric however in the movie he shot him with no hesitation whatsoever. Also Tris and her fear of intimacy, we see in the movie that things between her and Tobias move really fast and she doesn’t seem to have a care in the world about it.

My overall rating would be 2 out of 5 stars, I honestly found the movie a big mess and feel they could have improved a lot of things that they didn’t really think about.

If you have watched it, please tell me your thoughts!

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